Principal Case Consultant

Licensed private investigator in OR and WA, Certified OR claims examiner, WA claims experience, Senior claim examiner for over 10 years, Recorded statements since 1986, Medical Case Manager for seven years.


Management Information Services

BA, MS in Education, Quality Control, Billing, Payroll, Operations Manager, Digital photography, Digital video.


Case Consultant

Certified OR claims examiner, WA claims experience, Recorded statements for 7 yrs, Wellness check specialist, EAIP specialist.


Case Consultant

Navy Veteran with over 5 years military experience in leadership roles. BA in Anthropology from the University of Michigan. Diverse working background provides a professional and detail-oriented approach to the investigative process.


Office Manager

Service existing clients, process incoming assignments, and establish new accounts, Manage physical and digital records, Conduct background checks, Obtain DMV and medical records, Transcribe recorded statements, Maintain and manage website.

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